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Biomechanics Chiropractic Clinic Rocklin CAI was tired, frustrated and miserable. I wanted to die. I was in pain and taking medication that made me feel like a zombie and stopped all social activity, including church and shopping, because going out made me agitated by everyone and everything. I became a recluse.

Over the last 15 years I'd suffered from migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, carpel tunnel, chronic constipation, gastric reflux disease, TMJ and facial pain, allergies, anxiety attacks and severe depression. It wasn't that I didn't want to feel better, I'd seen lots of doctors over the years, taken thousands of pills and had multiple surgeries to get some relief, but year after year it was getting worse.

After getting a recommendation from a friend, I reluctantly went to see Dr. Neeley, a chiropractor - I didn't really need a chiropractor twisting and pounding my fragile body, but to my surprise his methods are so gentle and the procedures yield fantastic results.Today I have more strength, energy and vitality than I had in my forties. I am no longer suffering from my chronic conditions. It has been a miracle for me to get my life back so easily and quickly.


One day my life change forever. Before that day I had a job that I loved and my personal life was thriving, but after my first grand mal seizure one Sunday afternoon, and subsequently being diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 43, that was to change to being house bound and to suffering 4 years of debilitating side effects from the drugs that were ineffective at treating my seizures.

My neurologist felt the best way forward was surgical and in May 2002, I had brain surgery, however after a few days I felt numbness in my arms and legs and within a short time I could no longer walk. Emergency surgeries were to follow, but post surgery I was paralyzed. I spent many weeks in a rehab facility where I had to learn to function again. I left the facility with a walker and had months of physical, occupational and speech therapies. I worked hard at regaining strength and co-ordination, but started to suffer other symptoms, the doctor diagnosed “Lair-meets Sign’s” – electric shocks indicating MS.

Despite even more medications, I still suffered the discomforts, but tried to build myself up again with light cardio work. I experienced some chest pain, and again in Oct 2004 I had double bypass surgery, but I continued to experience shortness of breath well past the surgery.

It was a dark time for me, as literally one day my life had changed from being fit and healthy and no-one could tell me why this had happened to someone who was always active, athletic and fit, who never smoked, rarely drank and ate a relatively healthy diet. At my free consultation with Dr Neeley, he explained about nerve interference related to all my functional losses and physical impairments. I had a glimmer of hope, and I started treatment with him. Within 2 weeks of treatment the “Lair-meets Sign’s” had gone, within 6 months, I noticed improved strength, stamina, coordination and mental attitude. My blood pressure had reduced, my pulse rate and pulmonary function had improved.

I went from being paralyzed to resuming my previous life, including my passion of ball room dancing, and participate at the level I was at before that fateful Sunday afternoon. I even feel that the chiropractic treatment gives me more balance and stability than I had before.


Biomechanics Chiropractic Clinic Rocklin CAMy Daughter Kellie has been a patient of Dr Neeley’s for many years. She was after me for years to come and see him because she knew he could help me. I was in constant pain in my hip, back and neck.

The pain was everyday for several years, I don’t know how I put up with it for that long. Turning over in bed hurt – Actually everything I did hurt, so it’s not surprising that I lost the will to do much of anything as everyday tasks made me hurt even more. I had already tried seeing several other chiropractors, but none seemed to help, so I quickly dropped out of care with them, and still Kellie insisted that Dr Neeley, yet another chiropractor, could and would help me.

When I started with him, I did notice changes almost immediately. I could move around much better without the same amount of pain. So the more I could do, the more I wanted to do.

Now I can turn over in bed and am not in stabbing pain. I can walk, turn bend and twist without it hurting consistently. I admit that sometimes I can “over do it” but when I see Dr Neeley, he tests each part of me and fixes what is wrong. Each of his treatments is different and he treats what is necessary.

I recommend Dr. Neeley to anyone who'll listen.


Biomechanics Chiropractic Clinic Rocklin CAIn my early 40's, I started to suffer with severe osteoarthritis in both my knees, walking gave me constant pain, bones grinding on bones, meant that i was constantly tired, weak and discouraged.

I suffered from this complaint for over 5 years. My health care providers gave me cortisone shots and anti-inflammatories to help with the pain, and suggested that I needed both knees replaced, a very dramatic solution for someone of my age.

I found Dr Neeley through a work colleague of my husband’s and when I called his office, I found that his assistant had also suffered with her knees and she was very encouraging about the Doc and chiropractic treatment as a solution to my complaint. I started my treatment with him during August ’06.

As soon as treatment started, my knees felt much stronger and now, although I still face knee replacements eventually, I am able walk, sit and stand better than before. I function much better with far less pain, without the cortisone shots or the same anti-inflamitories.

Chiropractic treatment bought me extra time before surgery, and has improved my quality of life. I no longer have the intense daily pain I suffered with for 5 years before I started my treatment with Dr Neeley.


Biomechanics Chiropractic Clinic Rocklin CAMy sciatic pain first started in my 30's, I first noticed it every few months and I'd have a couple of weeks of pain, and then it wouldn't flare up again for another few months, however, it became much more frequent and more and more painful each time I got it. I'd find it painful to walk, I'd be limping, even moving in bed would be incredibly painful. Eventually any movement was excruciating; turning, bending, twisting, squatting or rolling over in bed would bring me to tears.

As you can imagine, I felt terrible and I was extremely irritable, I felt like I was 40 years older than my real age.

My MD prescribed anti-inflammatories, and I had X-rays and an MRI, but they saw nothing that could cause my pain. I was referred to a neurologist, but I declined. I saw another chiropractor for 12 months, but the pain was still recurring.

I was discussing my pain levels with a friend who is also a patient of Dr Neeley’s, and she recommended I see him to do a Detox Footbath. After meeting with Dr Neeley, I really liked his philosophy on health so I came to him for my chiropractic care and he developed a treatment program for me.

Since starting treatment with Dr Neeley, I’ve seen much improvement with my sciatica, and obviously the pain relief is wonderful, I do still get some occurrences every few months, and they depend on what and how much exercise I’ve been doing, however, the attacks are far less frequent or as intense as before.

What’s also been amazing is that my secondary complaints have also seen much improvement. I had a clicking jaw, often called TMJ, I had headaches and stiffness in my neck. I also suffered from acid reflux, however, since seeing Dr Neeley, those conditions have improved too. The TMJ and headaches are now rare, and my jaw doesn’t lock up like it did. The acid reflux also comes and goes (depending on what I eat) but it rarely bothers me when I’m sleeping like it did before. Not only is my neck less stiff, I have a better range of motion than before.

I even have improved vision and no longer wear glasses for driving, which was a completely unexpected but welcome benefit of Dr Neeley’s gentle but effective treatment. I no longer feel 40 years older than I am.


Biomechanics Chiropractic Clinic Rocklin CAI’m in my 20’s, most people think that’s the time of peak health and fitness, however, I suffered from aching joints and muscles in my legs. My ankles and feet were particularly painful

Not only that, but I had severe and frequent migraines that would knock me off my feet, and I couldn’t move from bed. The pain was blinding and even slight movement would make the pain worse.

It seemed that I could take doses and doses of medications and it wouldn’t do much good.

This was affecting me everyday as I was constantly tired and exhausted from the migraines. Even if I didn’t have one at the time, they would “wipe me out” for a few days before and a few days after too, and they were so frequent that I don’t ever seem to have a day off from them.

I was living close to Dr Neeley’s office and one day as I was driving past, I just decided to call in and see if he could help me at all. As soon as I started treatment, my headaches almost instantly stopped and I felt much stronger in my legs, I could feel the difference in the way I walked after every single adjustment the Doctor made. Now my frequent migraines have stopped, and perhaps I get 3-4 a year, which is a huge improvement. I have not experienced any of the aching I used to have in my legs.

My health has improved so much from getting chiropractic treatment with Dr Neeley.


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